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Access to Commission Records

Case law has established that the Public Records Act, RCW 42.56, does not apply to the judicial branch. The Commission on Judicial Conduct Rules of Procedure (CJCRP) is the constitutionally-required avenue to establish rules regarding access to certain Commission complaint and administrative records. The Commission implemented CJCRP 12 and 12.1 for this purpose.

CJCRP 12 – Access to Commission Complaint Records

CJCRP 12.1 – Access to Commission Administrative Records

Before submitting your request using the form linked below, please review CJCRP 12 and 12.1 to understand which records are specifically exempted under Article IV Section 31 of the Washington State Constitution, Commission rule, or established case law.

Public Records Request Form

In response to your records request, the Commission is unable to: