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Activity - Docket 2020

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Complaints Filed
Matters pending on January 1, 2020 256
Complaints filed 434
Requests to reopen dismissed complaints 3
Total Complaints 693
Complaints Dismissed
Complaint withdrawn by complainant 3
Insufficient evidence to proceed 17
Legal issues not involving ethics violations 137
No basis to reopen 8
No Code violation found 66
Unsubstantiated 201
Public Cases - Substantiated or Dismissed After Hearing*
Admonishment 1
Censure 4
Reprimand 1
Complaint Dispositions
Total Complaints Disposed 439
Matters Pending on December 31, 2020 254
Total inquiries filed 671

*NOTE: A single disposition by the Commission can sometimes close more than one complaint.
This can occur when the Commission receives multiple complaints against the same judicial officer.