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About the Commission - Membership

The Commission is comprised of eleven members and eleven alternate members. The eleven members consist of six nonattorney citizens, two lawyers and three judges. One judge is selected by and from the Court of Appeals, one selected by and from the Superior Court Judges, one selected by and from the limited jurisdiction court judges, two attorneys selected by the State Bar Association and six nonattorney citizens appointed by the Governor. In addition, the eleven members have eleven alternate members. The members serve four-year terms.

Commission Members
Name Term End
Robert Alsdorf, Atty. Member 6/16/20
Sherry Appleton 6/16/21
Joseph G. Bell 6/16/19
Richard Carlson 6/16/18
Judge John Erlick 6/16/18
Judge George Fearing 6/16/19
Larry D. Goldberg 6/16/21
Connie Michener 6/16/21
Lin-Marie Nacht, Atty. Member 6/16/19
Judge Margaret Vail Ross 6/16/21
Jean Ryckman 6/16/20
Alternate Commission Members
Name Term End Alternate For
Ryan Archer, Atty. Member 6/16/20 Robert Alsdorf
Terrie Ashby-Scott 6/16/21 Sherry Appleton
Frances Bessermin 6/16/19 Joe Bell
Judge Kristian Hedine 6/16/21 Judge Margaret Vail Ross
Elizabeth René, Atty. Member 6/16/19 Lin-Marie Nacht
Judge Ruth Reukauf 6/16/18 Judge John Erlick
John Sleeter 6/16/18 Richard Carlson
Judie Stanton 6/16/21 Larry D. Goldberg
Michael Tate 6/16/21 Connie Michener
Judge James Verellen 6/16/19 Judge George Fearing
Dorothy Webster 6/16/20 Jean Ryckman

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